An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha by William Oscar Emil Oesterley

By William Oscar Emil Oesterley

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Xii. 365. * See I Mace. xiv. 25-49. Jonathan had been appointed High-priest by Alexander Balas (I Mace. x. 15-17), but he was not recognized as such by the people in the way that Simon was (see I Mace. xiv. 46, 47). C. 134, his son he was the title. first 2 At the beginning of his reign a great disaster overtook the Jewish people. vigorous king, Antiochus VII Sidetes, once more raised the Syrian kingdom from the helpless A which it had fallen. He invaded Judaea, and captured Jerusalem after a year's siege.

Into the details enter here ; suffice 11-15, 34-40; of the Maccabaean struggle it to summarize thus : we cannot Judas Maccabseus, Jonathan, and Simon, the three sons of Mattathias, the priest of Modein, in turn championed the cause of those of The their brethren who clung to the faith of their fathers. C. C. C. 142-141 to 135-134) succeeded, to all intents and purposes, in throwing off Syrian suzerainty, though it was not until some few years later that this was definitely and finally achieved.

3 (Ecclus. xli. ) Vanity is man concerning But the name of the pious his body, shall not be cut off. 4 (Ecclus. xli. ) That practical experience of life showed this to be erroneous did not disconcert those to whom this was a dogma, for it was affirmed that if a man who seemed to be 1 3 * So the Syriac ; the Hebrew is not extant. So the Syriac; the Hebrew is not extant. This verse is extant in Hebrew. 2 So the Hebrew. THE WISDOM LITERATURE 50 righteous was in adversity it meant that he was, nevertheless, guilty of some sin known to God and himself, but not to others, for which he was suffering (Job viii.

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