Advances in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 7: by Dr. Hans-Gerd Lipinski, A. Struppler, P. Birk (auth.),

By Dr. Hans-Gerd Lipinski, A. Struppler, P. Birk (auth.), Professor Jan Gybels, Professor Edward R. Hitchcock, Professor Björn Meyerson, Professor Christoph Ostertag, Professor Gian Franco Rossi (eds.)

The expanding value of stereotactic surgical procedure within the administration of universal neurological stipulations is illustrated by means of the huge functions of stereotactic innovations defined during this e-book. foreign professionals current their latest event within the fields of flow illness, tumours, epilepsy, and ache and spasticity. the combination of contemporary imaging innovations with stereotactic instrumentation is a selected characteristic. The e-book offers the main smooth description of the ideas and purposes of an increasing box of neurosurgery.

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The irreversible transition of the tumoral cells towards more heterogeneous stages 7, 8, 15. The phenomenon of progression is very frequent among neuroectodermal tumors and its recognition is crucial for a correct definition of malignancy8, 9, 13-15. Its evidence in our series (Fig. 3) was proved in the following tumor groups: I. semibenign astrocytomas, grade II (28 cases): foci of increased cellular density and slight nuclear abnormality (suggesting a higher degree of malignancy) in 10 cases (36%); 2.

The reliability of the information provided by stereotactic biopsy depends strictly on the careful planning of the procedure l - 6, 10, 11. It is mandatory that samples be taken from different parts of the tumor as well as from the surrounding brain. The planning of M. 2c sample collection is largely based on the findings of the neuroradiological studies, which are performed in stereotactic conditions l - 3, 5, 6, 10, II, integrated with clinical history and neurological examination. Fig. 3. CT scan of a deep seated astrocytoma of the right hemisphere and biopsy tracks (a); histology of the specimens taken from the anaplastic core (b; HE, x 125) and from its boundary with a more differentiated area of the tumor (c; HE, x 125) Acknowledgements The autors are grateful to Prof.

Surg Neurol 14: 275-283 7. Prodi G (1977) La biologia dei tumori. Ambrosiana, Milano 8. Rubistein LJ, Herman MM, van den Berg SR (1984) Differentiation and anaplasia in central neuroepithelial tumors. In: 33 Rosenblum ML et al (eds) Brain tumor biology. Progress in experimental tumor research, vol 27. Karger, Basel New York, pp32-48 9. Russel OS, Rubistein LJ (1971) Pathology of tumors of the nervous system. Arnold, London 10. Scerrati M, Pizzolato GP (1981) The role of stereotactic biopsy in the 3-dimensional localization of cerebral tumors.

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