A Walk in the Woods (Dover Nature Coloring Book) by Dot Barlowe, Coloring Books

By Dot Barlowe, Coloring Books

Accomplished illustrator and nature author takes you on a gorgeous travel of the 4 seasons, stating with nice creative and verbal talents the numerous mysteries of nature — from sightings of spring vegetation to remarkable lifestyles underneath pond ice. An enjoyable and informative booklet for colorists of every age. Captions.

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Page 29 Scarlet macaws eat clay to calm upset stomachs in addition to fruit and seeds. Birds and other animals that eat fruit help the life cycle of the rain forests. They may carry the seed of one fruit to another part of the forest and drop it. Then a new tree grows. Page 30 A pirarucu swims in the Amazon River. In the Amazon River, fish help the life cycle of the trees. The pirarucu is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. It can jump out of the water to snag fruit hanging over the river.

But their roots are close to the surface of the soil. These roots soak up water that falls to the ground. They also help the trees absorb food from the dead plants and animals that rot on the forest floor. Page 19 Gum trees are common in rain forests. Page 20 Bamboo is one of the many useful products from the rain forest. Page 21 A cocoa tree with ripe pods Many trees grow in the rain forests. In one tropical forest in Malaysia, scientists counted almost 8,000 species of trees. Many of the trees produce fruit, nuts, and seeds, such as the cocoa tree.

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