A Grammar of Freethought: Outgrowing the Gods (What is by Chapman Cohen

By Chapman Cohen

A Grammar of Freethought

By Chapman Cohen

Outgrowing the Gods

It has to be left should you learn the subsequent pages to make your mind up how a long way this publication lives as much as its name. That it leaves many features of existence untouched is kind of transparent, yet there needs to be a restrict to every thing, even to the scale and scope of a ebook; furthermore, the paintings doesn't objective at being an encyclopædia, yet basically an summary of what may perhaps relatively be considered as the Freethought place. Freethought, back, is simply too fluid a time period to allow its teachings being summarized in a collection creed, however it does stand for a definite convinced angle of brain on the subject of these difficulties of lifestyles with which considerate women and men quandary themselves. it truly is that psychological perspective which I objective at depicting.

To those people who are indirectly keen on the assault on supernaturalism it could possibly even be an issue of remorse that rather a lot of this paintings is worried with a feedback of spiritual ideals. yet that's an twist of fate of the placement. we haven't but reached that level in affairs after we can find the money for to permit faith by myself, and one might with no trouble be excused the suspicion that those that, with no believing in it, profess to take action, are extra fascinated with heading off a tricky, if no longer harmful, topic, than they're with the matter of constructing sane and sound tools of pondering. And whereas a few who stand ahead as leaders of renowned proposal fail to do their half within the paintings of attacking supernaturalistic ideals, others are perforce forced to commit extra time than they'd differently to the duty. That, briefly, is my apology for referring to myself so mostly with spiritual subject matters, and leaving nearly untouched different fields the place the Freethought angle might turn out both fruitful of results.

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P. 234. LIFE AND MIND. 31 same reason that they are kept alive to-day. The majority must be blind to their badness; and in any case it is a general perception of their badness which leads to their destruction. The subject of crime illustrates the same point. Against crime as such, society is as set as ever. But our attitude toward the causation and cure of crime, and, above all, to the treatment of the criminal, has undergone a profound alteration. And the change that has taken place here has been away from the Christian conception which brutalized the world for so long, towards the point of view taken up by the ancient Greeks, that wrong doing is the outcome of ignorance.

Heaven is reserved for the timid, the tame, the obedient, the sheep-like. When the Christ of the Gospels divides the people into goats and sheep, it is the former that go to hell, and the latter to heaven. The Church has not a rebel in its calendar, although it has not a few rogues and many fools. To the Church rebellion is always a sin, save on those rare occasions when revolt is ordered in the interests of the Church itself. In Greek mythology Prometheus steals fire from heaven suffers in consequence.

Fortunately, little time need be wasted in discussing the once popular retort to the Freethinker that if the principle of determinism be accepted " free " thought is impossible. It is surprising that such an argument should ever have secured a vogue, and is only now interesting as an indication of the mentality of the defender of orthodox religion. Certainly no one who properly understands the meaning of the word would use such an argument. At best it is taking a word from sociology, a sphere in which the meaning is quite clear and intelligible, and applying it in the region of physical science where it has not, and is not intended to have, any meaning at all.

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