A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology by Biren Bonnerjea

By Biren Bonnerjea

Dictionary of Mythology

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Bahman’s Knife, Sophia’s Picture, Florimel’s Girdle, Ring Beytha’s Emerald. Candle: To have three candles burning at the same time in a room is unlucky. ) In Ireland, twelve candles are kept alight around a dead body because otherwise the devil may carry the soul away. Evil spirits cannot cross a circle of fire. (LADY WILDE, Page 44 p. ) A film of tallow, called a “winding sheet,” shot from the top of a lighted candle, gives warning to the house of an approaching death. A candle burning with two distinct flames is, in parts of Germany, an omen of an approaching death; in Austria, Silesia, Hesse, Tyrol and Swabia, this is a sign of a letter.

When in these forms, a rage or frenzy comes upon them, they howl like wolves or growl like bears, foam at the mouth, have enormous strength and are believed to be invulnerable to fire and iron. cf. Werewolves. Bërlic: A certain Swiss spirit of mischievous nature. (JALLA, Leg. , p. 27). Bernardo del Carpio: He lifted Orlando in his arms and squeezed him to death, because his body was proof against any instrument of war. ) is also reputed to have been squeezed to death by Hercules. Bertha: Vide Perchta, White Lady.

1, p. ) cf. Bogey, Bubák, Biasd na Srogaig. Bur: Babyl. Myth. Another name for Adad. Buri: Norse Myth. The progenitor of the gods, licked out of the stones by Audhumla. Burial: Male and female slaves were buried alive with the dead headsmen of various African tribes to administer to his wants in the spirit world. (HAGGARD, Nada the Lily, p. ) This practice is, in the opinion of some authors, still in vogue among the Chavas of the Zambesi district. , people were once buried alive in Teutonic countries.

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